Full-Automation vs Semi-Automation

What’s the difference? I’ll tell you. Full-automation is different from semi-automation in that full-automation generally won’t give you a chance to interact with it. It’s ON until turned OFF, with no mercy on whatever data gets in it’s way. This is fine for what it’s for, downloading data, beating it up into a report, etc. Custom function calls are the parlance of the full-auto model. If you can check your data elsewhere before full-auto, then it’s terrific! Full-auto is best for SPEED! All actions happen in memory.

However, in those instances where your report is going to be seen, either publicly or by your boss (or her bosses boss), it is helpful to be able to review the PROCESS of the data being formed into the report. For the semi-auto model, I generally like to have the formulas living on an Excel spreadsheet where they can be reviewed by a human for accuracy, before either turning the model full-auto, or running it semi-auto. There’s lots of room for both in most businesses! Semi-automatic is best for CLARITY, both in thought and in action-reaction! All actions (calculations) happen on the spreadsheet, with the results being fed to another report or other action.

If you have a VBA programmer (or two) on staff, then full-auto can and should work without a hitch. If you don’t, it’ll be better to go with semi-auto.

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Cheers! 😎

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