Tip of the day: DEATH by text message(s) / Free Text Messaging (Really?)

I got killed with text messages last month. Our plan has ZERO text messages built into it, so ANY texts cost $$$.

Friends, it needs to stop.
By stop, I mean CHANGE!!! 😀

It’s no secret that the Telcos are making a huge killing off of us in text messaging. It’s also a little known secret that there are a few ways around this. The Facebook Messenger apps for iPhone and for Android are a good choice.

These push what would have been a SMS text message through Facebook, to your friend/family member’s Facebook Message Inbox (on their computer/tablet, AND on their phone!)

How cool is that? 😉

So, in a nutshell: You circumvent the telco rule of no free texts by pushing it through your data plan (hopefully you have plenty of data). If you are somewhere that has free Wi-Fi (McDonalds, Sam’s Club, Starbucks, HOME, etc.), you can even cut a corner there by logging in, and not using any of your data plan while you are there.

Install them NOW!!!

Facebook Messenger for iPhone

Facebook Messenger for Android

Cheers! 😎

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