Self Service

Here’s an article written by Seth Godin on June 4, 2013, that directly relates to an experience I had yesterday.

My family and I were going to go to a free family event presented by FILM INDEPENDENT. The event was to take place at Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles. No directions for those that have never been to Nokia Plaza were in the half-page advertisement in the Sunday paper, only a blurb “for more information, visit”. So right away, they eliminated a segment of the public that is either inept with computers or don’t have one (my mother, my mother-in-law). Next in the ordeal, had multiple events listed, and NO CLEAR DIRECTIONS for getting to ANY EVENT. If you have to use a different website (google maps) to get a STREET ADDRESS to a place, YOU FAIL!

I’ve been with technology for 18 years. I am NOT inept in using The Internet!
Yet, the ambiguity of this site left me frustrated and annoyed. They will be getting a Yelp!

Giving a place a “cute name” is fine for locals, but without giving clear directions in the newspaper and on the website you only alienate those segments of the public. Were you only doing this event for the public knowledge of locals? Why a half-page ad then? If you do a charity event later, will you be expecting these segments of the public to show up and donate? Think again.

Cheers! šŸ˜Ž

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