Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Okay, here’s a subject I’ve been thinking about for quite a while: Efficiency vs Effectiveness.

To my way of thinking, efficiency is the lazy way of doing things, to get them done in a hurry. The straightest line between two points. Often, this is sufficient. As we know however, for effectiveness with people, we have to slow down. Pushing a lot of data in a presentation isn’t optimal, or effective. It’s confusing. I have been in many, many presentations and the ones where I actually got what was being presented were the short, to the point (one point per slide) stacks. Efficiency vs Effectiveness I liken to waiting for a close parking spot, so you can run in and make your purchase. Effectiveness is parking much farther away and walking past the person still waiting for their close spot. I have personally done this hundreds of times and have made it a point of doing it every time. It’s EFFECTIVE! The shortest line doesn’t necessarily get you there sooner. Effectiveness takes effort, therefore it’s not lazy. I have to WALK all the way from my parking spot.

Cheers! 😎

Charles McCrumb, Office Automation Expert
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