Attend ALL Social Events

OKAY, here it is: Go to every social event you can reasonably attend, for several reasons:

1. Networking (meeting people, not networking computer systems together).
You won’t meet people that you can help without getting out there. Trust is built on lots and lots of giving. Who do you want to do business with: the person that has no time for you, or the person that has been helpful, that you trust? Being helpful is what makes us valuable to each other. By attending social events, you make yourself available to help others!

2. Staying in touch with people.
Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, et al), good for staying in touch, but better is actual touch, shaking someone’s hand or giving a big hug, and saying “How are you? Is there anything can I help you with?” Lets face it, human contact is what it’s about. It’s what it all is about. The secret of the universe isn’t that big of a secret, or even that complicated: We are here to love and be loved. 

3. Have some fun.
Get out and have a good time. If you don’t go, you deprive other people of the joy of your presence, and yourself of theirs.

4. Get some new experiences for a broader topic base.
By attending social functions, you have experiences that are unique to you. You now have other things to talk about. Without new experiences, you’ll stagnate, tell the same old stories and jokes to the same old people.

5. Your circle of friends will get smaller if you don’t.
As we go through time (age), we lose friends and family along the way as we (or they) move away, die, or we lose touch. Our circles of friends, family and acquaintances gets smaller. Don’t let that happen. Most people just think “That’s the way it goes, she’s busy, I’m busy.” Yes, we’re all busy but don’t let that be an excuse.

Force yourself to attend every social event that you can reasonably go to. Your friends (old and new) will be glad you did!


Charles McCrumb, Office Automation Expert
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