OMG! I Just Can’t Believe It!

Hello All!

Several months ago, I posted the following on my personal Facebook page. It had no noticeable effect whatsoever on it’s intended audience. That very day, almost verbatim I found at least 2 different posts: “OMG!”, “I just can’t believe it!” and of course “What happened?”.

Please feel free to post it for your status on your pages too (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Maybe we can get real communication back into the social networks, if there ever was any (?).

Here’s the note:

“Dear friends and family,
Please don’t post ‘OMG!’, or ‘I just can’t believe it!’, or some such. Begging and leading, waiting for 20 people to ask back ‘What happened Hon?’ It’s not fair or kind, to waste the time of people that you supposedly ‘like’.

Just spit out what you’re trying to say.

Or don’t post.

Rant over.”

Good luck to us all.

Cheers! ūüėé

Charles McCrumb
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