Weird Data Problems

A quick thought for your perusal.

The other day, another father at my daughter’s school asked me what I do. Wow!
What a loaded question!

I thought about it for a moment, “Hmm. How do I classify THIS?”, and told him that what my business really does well is to build systems between systems, work-arounds for weird data problems, and information system and human behavior modifications (I’ll get into THAT later). That’s essentially it.

Many, MANY companies , large and small, have training gaps that are often exploited by their competition (though you’ll never KNOW for certain, that is what is happening). Often, employees will figure out their own work-arounds, out of survival, but the fixes are almost never optimal. Most of these systems are not repeatable, scalable or robust. If that employee leaves the company for any reason, the company is at risk.

The risks are: lost time from someone else trying to learn the work-around or develop their own and possibly failing, lost money (time = $$), possible lost opportunities (especially if that ex-employee takes their work-around with them to a competitor), and possibly a completely broken system. There may be other risks, but these are what I have for now. If you can think of others, please share.


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