What I’m Listening To

Now, the fun begins again: I’m sharing the podcasts I listen to on my daily commutes! Though they are in my Daily Playlist, each one doesn’t necessarily come out every day. Some come out every few days, some weekly, and some others rather sporadically. I’ll listen during the weekdays and will be finished by Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll then go on to either my Entertainment Playlist, or my Educational Playlist. I use Downcast for the podcast player and really like that it updates when I walk into a WiFi zone that it recognizes (I had to tell it where once, so it would remember).

I’m not using Chimpfeedr this time, as it’s giving me a problem right now. Maybe I’ll make a single feed later.

Again, the individual feeds, with my snarky remarks in red:

  • The Brian and Jill ShowA fun podcast with Brian Phelps (Of Los Angeles radio’s Mark & Brian show) and Jill Wheelan (from Love Boat, Airplane, and lots of other stuff). http://brianandjillshow.libsyn.com/rss
  • Doug Loves MoviesStand-Up Comedian Doug Benson delivering his (and his guests) opinion and reviews of movies. Hilarity ensues with each episode. http://dlm.libsyn.com//rss
  • Latest in PaleoMy ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PODCAST!!! Angelo Coppela delivers thought provoking Paleo (and other) health and lifestyle news. Always entertaining and engaging, I just can’t wait for the next (and next) episode(s)!  http://feeds.5by5.tv/paleo
  • WTF with Marc Maron Podcast – EpisodesComedian Marc Maron interviews other comedians and other famous people and gets into their heads about the angst and the hard parts of their lives and careers. I really didn’t enjoy the first episode that I heard, but have listened some more to get the feel of the show. I heard a great one with Billy Connoly, and another really good one with Billy Gardell. It’s a Seth Godin recommendation (he likes it because it shows that we all have angst and hard lives, but can overcome). http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/rss

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